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Voice Broadcast can quickly jump into action to help keep clients informed about:

  • Political candidates.
  • Increases in the ratings of television and radio stations across the country.
  • Promote sporting events.
  • Drive donations up in fundraising events.
  • Increase retail sales.
  • Promote new product and service launches.
  • Draw attention to special offers.
  • Promote entertainment venues and special events.

A few ways to use Voice Broadcast.

  • Draw attention to special events – Increase awareness by leaving a personal message inviting customers or clients to attend your function.
  • Support direct mail campaigns – Messages delivered to customers can generate a response rate of more than twice the national average for a similar direct mail campaign that incurs greater costs and time to execute.

“Voice Broadcast messages sound so real that your customers will think you took the time to call them directly”

  • Build customer Loyalty by making personal “thank you” calls – You can imagine the impact if a manager or owner could call each customer to thank them for their continued support. Add local personality for far greater impact.
  • Forward Customers to your Website – The perfect way to get your web site address to the right customers, or let them know of any changes or updates.
  • Make Friendly Public Relations Calls – Call your entire database on specific days for reminders. A call from someone special will make the world of difference and increase customer loyalty.
  • Set up appointments or offer free trials of your service – Remind all of your customers of upcoming service appointments, as well as opportunities to sample new services or products available to them from your company on a trial basis.


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